Linux – Ubuntu 17.10 kann Laptopbios beschädigen

Die Verteilung von Ubuntu Linux 17.10 wurde eingestellt, da ein INTEL Treiber die Firmware von Laptops beschädigen kann. Besonders betroffen sind Modelle von LENOVO.

aus dem Ubuntu Launchpad

Mehr dazu im Ubuntu Bugtracker unter :

SRU Justification

Impact: Many users are reporting issues with bios corruption with 17.10. This seems to stem from enabling the intel-spi-* drivers in the kernel, which don't appear to be ready for use on end-user machines.

Fix: Disable this driver.

Test Case: Fix has been verified by our HWE team on affected hardware.

Regression Potential: Minimal, it's unlikely anyone is actually doing anything which requires this driver.


#### UPDATE (20/12/2017) ####

LENOVO machines affected so far (please add your affected model to this list):

Lenovo B40-70
Lenovo B50-70
Lenovo B50-80
Lenovo Flex-3
Lenovo Flex-10
Lenovo G40-30
Lenovo G50-70
Lenovo G50-80
Lenovo S20-30
Lenovo U31-70
Lenovo Y50-70
Lenovo Y70-70
Lenovo Yoga Thinkpad (20C0)
Lenovo Yoga 2 11" - 20332
Lenovo Z50-70
Lenovo Z51-70
Lenovo ideapad 100-15IBY

The bug also affects:
Acer Aspire E5-771G
Acer TravelMate B113
Toshiba Satellite S55T-B5233

Bug may effect machines from any manufacturer that uses BIOS based on Insyde Software