presenting the Rawhide Downgrade to past date script

The this script gets the latest updates via dnf log files and reversed the system back to a given date in time, that is still in the logfile.

Presenting the Rawhide Downgrade to past date script

It’s far from perfect, but tries it’s best.  You need to install koji package first:  „dnf install koji

Most likely outcome: some packages will be missing, because koji can’t find them and some will be double present, with different versions and you end up in a collision. Remove the higher version files manually and do „dnf downgrade ./*rpm

Usage: scriptname {timestamp}


grep "Upgraded:" /var/log/dnf.rpm.log | sort -r > /tmp/liste

mkdir rpmdownload
cd rpmdownload

if [ "" == "$1" ]; then

	echo "Keine Zeit angegeben.. benutze 4.2.2021"
	since=$(date --date="2021-02-04T00:00:00+0100" "+%s")

	since=$(date --date="$1" "+%s")



declare -A old = ()

for line in $(cat /tmp/liste)

	date=$(echo $line|sed -e "s/ .*//g")
	pkg=$(echo $line|sed -e "s/^.*: //g")
	time=$(date --date="$date" "+%s")

	if [ $time -gt $since ]; then 
		echo "$date => OK => $pkg"
		koji download-build --rpm $pkg
		basename=$(rpm -q --queryformat="%{Name}" ./$pgk)

		if [ "${old[$basename]}" != "" ]; then
			echo "found old entry ${old[$basename]}";
			rm -f ${old[$basename]}

		packs="$packs $pkg"
		echo "$date => IGNORE => $pkg"

if [ "$packs" != "" ]; then

	dnf -y downgrade ./*rpm

When is it usefull?

If something, you don’t know of, broke the system by Updates and you need to undo tons of downgrades. Happend to pinephones on the 8th of February 2021.

Pinephone: Mesa 21 zickt wieder rum

Moin Linux-Phonies,

wir haben einen Wiederauflage  des Mesaproblems für Fedora Rawhide 🙂

Pinephone: Mesa 21 zickt wieder rum

Zur Zeit kann man nicht empfehlen auf die Mesa v21 Treiber zu aktualisieren. Abgesehen von Gnome scheinen die anderen Desktops unregelmäßig zu crashen. Ich empfehle derzeit bei 20.3.3-5 zu bleiben.

Wenn Ihr euch erinnern wollte, im Dezember hatten wir schon einmal so ein Problem, nur das da Gnome auch lang hinschlug.

Das nackte Pinephone aufmotzen